There’s no doubt that imagery can be a powerful communication method. There are countless places where imagery can be leveraged to incredible effect, differentiating your content from others. In a world where websites are becoming heavily templated and commoditized, imagery is one way to differentiate your business to some degree.

In this article, we share some actionable tips and tools that can be used to produce great imagery for presentations, websites, and social media.

Professional mock-ups

A common need for various platforms, particularly presentations, product pages or case studies is producing visuals that enable you to showcase products or parts of your website on multiple devices. For this, we tend to use a couple of tools to speed up this process.

The first one is Smart Mock Ups. This product provides a ton of ready-made mock-ups in various settings. You can either upload an image [like we did below] and have it placed within the mock-up, or request the tool to fetch and render a URL.

Smart Mock Ups Example

The second tool we regularly use is Screen Peek. Unlike the previous tool, Screen Peek is focused on doing 1 thing very well, which is fetching and rendering web pages into a range of common devices [iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac]. Here is one we quickly generated of the Screen Peek homepage on MacBook.


Screenpeak Example


It’s quick, easy to use, and produces very good quality image output which can then be downloaded and leveraged as required. The pro version is required to generate mock-ups on iPad, MacBook and iMac, but its only like $12 for lifetime access.

The limitation with Screen Peek is that you can’t upload an image, which can cause problems when the websites you are rendering have elements you’d rather not show. For example, some websites show pop-ups on first load etc, and these will always show on Screen Peek renders.

For multi-device mockups, WE also tend to use Smart Mock Ups as it comes with pre-packaged layouts like the one below.

Example of multiple devices with smart mock ups

Product / Company Imagery

There are many use cases where you may also need specific images for use across your website, marketing collateral and social media. This can range from featured images to mock-ups of your products in real life settings.

Of course, in a perfect world, you might hire a professional photographer and get a bunch of great photos, but that will come at a high cost and the photos might still not be exactly what you want.

The other option is to take your ‘ok’ but not great photos and engage a professional to work their magic. This image below is taken with a bog standard camera and its probably fair to say the photographer isn’t a professional. There are countless other problems, such as the background, heavy reflections, the random hand on the top, and of course the fact someone forgot to take the blue wrapper off. All in all, you might be thinking, let’s scrap that photo!

Tottenham Football Strip in Frame

Now here is the same original image after a bit of whizz-bang Photoshop work. We’ve managed to clean up the image, but retain something that is legitimately showcasing the real product.

Tottenham Football Strip in Frame

We’ve leveraged this same technique to produce over 230 unique frame images from Merlin Frame Maker. This enables them to quickly photograph works in the workshop at the most efficient time, then have us edit them up in Photoshop before adding to the website.