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Digitize showed they cared about the whole project, not just the delivery of a website. It was this attitude that meant I really didn't need to provide much input in the process. We had a couple of short conversations and then delivered something that surpassed expectations.

Johnny Quek



Chen Wen Hsi is a famous first-generation artist in Singapore whose works have fetched upwards of a million dollars in auction. He passed away in 1991 and one of his former friends and a private collector of Chen Wen Hsi’s works wanted to ensure that the artists legacy was protected for future generations. This started to become more of a pressing concern with the rise in fake works entering the market.

He set-up a certification project where he could offer [for free] his decades of experience to collectors, galleries, and museums in verifying the authenticity of Chen Wen Hsi’s works. He engaged Digitize to build a simple website that could be leveraged to market the certification and collate and catalogue all verified works into a single place.


What we did


On a limited budget, we brought together a simple CMS driven website and a brand logo that matched the requirements of the client. It clearly communicates the purpose of the website and the offer of unofficial certification, bringing together over 400 verified works [and counting] by Chen Wen Hsi in one place.

We optimised the website for speed and SEO, and ensure that its a key source of information for universities, galleries, museums and private individuals.




This project was more about cataloguing information and keeping it in a single location rather than having a focus on financial gains. The objective was a simple, easy to maintain a website that met the client’s requirements, and we definitely delivered on this front.

We ensured that the website loaded fast despite the heavy focus on large images of the works, and we deployed appropriate SEO elements to ensure the site ranks in the top 3 for any keywords relating to Chen Wen Hsi.