Chen Wen Hsi

Single source of information on Chen Wen Hsi

Chen Wen Hsi is among the most influential pioneer artists in Singapore’s history and one of five prominent artists that founded the Nanyang style, a landmark in the art history of Southeast Asia.


This project involved building a website that could showcase a wide range of Chen’s work in a single location. Leveraging WordPress to handle the core platform, I then leveraged WooCommerce to handle the 400+ unique artworks that were added to the website, and allow for detailed classification and filtering.


The website has since been featured by the Straits Times and is the go-to location to view hundreds of Chen Wen Hsi’s artworks.

What I Did

  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Hosting & Deployment
  • Image Scanning, Cropping, Editing
  • Ongoing Maintenance