Paid Search (PPC) Management

Increase revenue through paid search advertising


Paid Search (PPC) is the practice of bidding for and buying visits from Google on a cost per click model. In simple terms, if you want your business to display in the ads section at the top of the search listings for the keyword ‘Dentist in Singapore’ then you can choose to create and display an advert against this keyword phrase, and pay Google a fee each time someone clicks on your ad.

Its a great method for driving almost instantaneous visibility on relevant keywords related to your products and services, and if done correctly provides an excellent cost per acquisition tool for just about any type of business.

With over 11 years experience in setting up and managing paid search campaigns I can help you get started or optimise your existing expenditure to drive improved performance.

  • Brand new account set-up
  • Keyword research and optimisation
  • Ad copy creation and testing
  • Landing page review and optimisation
  • Defining KPIs and setting up appropriate tracking and reporting
  • Regular search query reviews and optimization
Highly Targeted

You choose the keywords that your business shows up against and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This provides a highly controllable situation where you invest your marketing dollars only in the areas that drive positive business impact.

Real Time Optimization

Paid search opens up the possibility to make real time adjustments to keywords, ad copy and budget allowing for continuous optimisation and the ability to scale up or down investment in line with your business goals.

Pay to Play

The Google search results are now dominated with paid ads, particularly on mobile. Having excellent non-paid rankings is no longer enough to guarantee good exposure to prospective customers. You need to be visible in both!

Effective paid search starts with choosing the right keywords and mapping them to effective landing pages to provide the right customer experience.

Paid Search Management Example

Typical PPC Campaign Steps

Every client has a unique set of circumstances, but the below is my typical process in any new engagement.

Understanding Your Business

The most important step is to first get a solid understanding of your business and goals. This is critical for defining the strategy of your PPC activities and areas of focus.

Keyword Research

Detailed keyword research enables us to understand the search opportunity for your business and select a set of starting keywords to focus your budget upon.

Landing Page Analysis

Next I have to map proposed keywords to landing pages. Its critical that you have good quality landing pages to maximise the performance of your paid search investment.

Tracking & Reporting

Ensuring we can effectively track success is critical in justifying your investment. We’ll work together on KPIs and how to track and report.

Campaign Go Live

We’ve got the right keywords, your ad copy rocks, and the landing pages are optimised for conversion. Its time to get your campaigns underway.

Optimization Stage

Now your campaigns are running its all about constant optimization to increase conversion and reduce the cost per acquisition.

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