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A strong web presence is a critical part of your business strategy. As of 2017 there is a reported 3.7 billion internet users executing more than 40,000 searches on Google per second. This is people actively looking for content, and making decisions on products and vendors to visit or buy from.

Having a good quality website is your way of effectively providing a digital showroom for your business to help these prospective customers find you and have a positive customer experience with your brand online.

With over 11 years of experience across digital, I specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses build and deploy cost sensitive, high quality web experiences that are optimized for search (SEO) and provide a positive brand experience.

My approach is usually consultative in nature, which means first understanding your business and then providing a set of recommendations on the best approach.

I can handle a wide range of web development projects, but I typically focus on:

  • New website development projects or complete overhaul of a legacy site.
  • CMS (i.e., WordPress) and/or eCommerce driven sites (i.e., WooCommerce).
  • One off development of campaign landing pages.
  • Adhoc development requests for existing websites (i.e., design tweaks, new functionality etc).
Huge Online Opportunity

There is over 3.7 billion internet users executing more than 40,000 searches on Google per second. Every website I deploy is optimized for SEO from day one.

Never Stop Testing

Website development should never completely stop, a gradual development process enables effective testing to optimize the experience for improved conversion.

Cost Sensitive

A standard 10-15 page website shouldn’t break the bank, I offer a cost sensitive, high quality website focused on driving business outcomes.

A good website will drive new customer acquisition by ranking well in Google, and providing an exceptional customer experience.

Website Development Digitize

Customer Success Story

Merlin Frame Maker is the largest custom frame maker in Singapore with 3 outlets in Paragon, River Valley and Waterloo Centre. They wanted a brand new website that supported 3 core areas of improvement. A mobile friendly user experience, growth in organic search rankings and visits, and increased lead generation.

Digitize was able to deliver in all of these areas through a brand new WordPress driven website that was optimized for search and lead generation from launch.

“Since the launch of our new website there has been a lot of incremental enquiries & our business has improved many folds. Ben has been very proactive in actively monitoring & updating the website to attract more potential customers. We are very happy to have engaged his services and will recommend him to our business partners. Thank you for taking care of our business.” – Kelly Tan, General Manager

Beautiful on all devices

Merlin Frame Maker Website

Core Deliverables

After deploying a brand new website we’ve seen a 53% increase in monthly web visits, a 77% increase in total Google search visibility, and the successful piloting of new tools across the outlets that have helped to increase the % of business coming from digital channels.


Before kicking off the new website I built a clear picture of what consumers in Singapore were searching upon on Google relative to the products and services offered by Merlin. From this I mapped the opportunity to the new site hierarchy such that the website was fully SEO optimized from day one of go live.

Key Fact

Google search visibility has increased by 77% since the new website launch.

Website Development

To fast track the project and start delivering value as quickly as possible I deployed a brand new website in 3 weeks. We have since moved into a regular cadence on gradually enhancing that initial website with key improvements like self-servicing capabilities and online quote form submission.

Key Fact

The new website has aided a 53% increase in monthly visits.


An often over looked necessity of any good company website is professional photography of the key employees and business operations. I built this into the overall project ensuring that we had great photographs of the various outlets, workshop and key employees.

Key Fact

The gallery page that consolidates a lot of the imagery is the 3rd most viewed page on the website.

Google AdWords

Complete overhaul of existing Google AdWords campaigns, removing broad and under performing keywords that were driving irrelevant visits to the website. Improved ad copy relevance and messaging to improve quality score and increase CTR.

Key Fact

Reduced wasted expenditure bringing average cost per click down 42% from $1.20 to $0.70.

LiveChat Deployment

A completely new initiative for Merlin saw the successful pilot of LiveChat on the website. This has enabled an increase in leads generated via digital channels, with favorable feedback from outlet employees handling customer engagements.

Key Fact

Skeptical employees, turned into a successful pilot within 2 weeks of deployment.

Google Local Optimization

In addition to general SEO optimization I also worked on the Google Local listings to maximize visibility of the various outlets in the map box. This has led to phenomenal levels of visibility of the outlets in this space across target keywords.

Key Fact

Merlin is consistently the most visible framing brand in the local map box in Singapore.

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