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We help businesses of all sizes to build and deploy websites and campaigns that are optimised for search, customer experience, and conversion.

Every client comes to the table with different requirements and expectations. Some will have a very strong opinion on exactly what they want, whilst others prefer an entirely hands-off ‘you do what you think is best’ attitude. We are equally comfortable working in either situation.

In the requirements capture phase it’s really just about getting to know your business and the industry that it operates within. We’ll ask lots of questions, collect information and may also seek to make recommendations or suggestions on areas you may not have considered.

Armed with lots of information about your business and industry we’ll set about doing research on competitor websites or websites of similar companies outside of your source market.

Perhaps more crucially though we will research how prospective customers are leveraging search engines such as Google to find products or services that your business offers. The final output will be a very clear view of the search keywords and the total monthly search opportunity that we are trying to attack through any new website development project.

At this stage of the project we will start creating what we call ‘low fidelity mockups’ of core pages of your website, such as a homepage, about page, services pages etc. These are used to enable quick feedback loops with you to ensure we are producing a layout and content that aligns with your requirements.

Once we’ve got your blessing on the direction of the mockups we will create high fidelity visual designs of the website. These are effectively the final visual representation of what the website will look like once it’s live. It enables everyone to check and sign off on the look and feel of the website before we start developing it.

In our many years of experience there is always modifications that occur between the signed off visual designs and the final signed off product, but it shouldn’t be wildly different.

Once the visual designs are agreed upon we will start developing the website against those signed off designs, the time taken will entirely depend on the size and complexity of the project, but we can often turnaround a typical SME website in 3-4 weeks with the right level of support and turnaround from the client.

Where required we can set-up and handle all other aspects involved with developing and deploying a website. This includes aspects such as providing an optimised web hosting solution, SSL set-up, CDN set-up, migrating or setting up email hosting etc.

During the development phase we can set-up a staging server where clients can maintain a continuous view of progress.

In truth, most of our clients will be working with us because they have an extremely outdated current website or no website at all. They are losing business everyday because they can’t convert clients who land on their website or they don’t even get visits because they don’t rank in search.

For the majority of SMEs they want and need to realise benefit as soon as possible, so we seek to deploy in a phased approach. This means leveraging the new visual identity that we developed in the design phase and getting the core of a new website live as quickly as possible. After the new site goes live we then continue to evolve the product to improve conversion and extend content to increase exposure.

There is really very few situations where a business can or should deploy a new website and consider the job completed. It must continue to be maintained and developed in order to stay up to date and maintain any incremental presence in the search results.

Website Development Pricing

Below are some of the most common projects we work on with customers, along with some rough pricing examples. We charge based on the amount of time required to complete the project. For an accurate quote please contact us.

Small Business Website

  • CMS Driven Website
  • SEO Analysis & Implementation
  • 4-5 Content Pages
  • No Online Payment
$3K – $5K

Small Business Website

  • CMS Driven Website
  • SEO Analysis & Implementation
  • 5-15 Content Pages
  • No Online Payment
$6K – $15K

Small Business Website

  • CMS Driven Website
  • SEO Analysis & Implementation
  • Many Products
  • Online Payment Gateway



  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Google Ads

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