Fine Art Printing - Website Development Case Study

Fine Art Printing

Provider of fine art printing on paper and canvas in Singapore.

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Incredible results really. The process from requirements capture, to design, to development and deployment were really smooth. We went from a standing start to now doing over 7,000 visits a month and generating a constant flow of leads every day.
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Fine Art Printing as the name might suggest are focused on producing high quality printing for artists, photographers and end clients simply looking to print artworks for their homes or offices. Its a new company so the goal was to see how quickly we could design, develop, and launch a new website that could get traction in Google and drive leads and revenue.

What we did

We followed our usual approach when the goal of the work is to drive leads, we started by looking at the sort of keywords people were searching for in Google that connected back to a company offering fine art printing services. After collating this information we defined a site hierarchy that determined the pages we needed to design and started work on creating mock-ups and content that would provide a high quality customer experience.

Fine Art Printing Website

We worked through the various page designs in simple mock-up form initially before creating high fidelity designs in Figma. Once the designs were signed-off we did the development and deployment with a focus on ease of future content management, scalability, security, and speed.

We brought various ideas to the table such as taking an excel based pricing formula and creating an online quote facility. This ensures that prospects can check the printing pricing online, which helps to ensure that many leads which come through are already quite hot as they’ve already been able to check the pricing.

Printing price quote function

We’ve also built a complex platform that allows artists and photographers to register and list their artworks and photographs for sale on the website allowing for international shipping.

Lastly, working with the client we unearthed various additional business opportunities in photo scanning, restoration, art valuation, and art restoration that opened additional revenue streams for the business.

The results

This was a totally new business, established in 2023. In a period of around 6 months we were able to outrank the more established printing businesses, many of whom have been in operation for decades. This is a factor of understanding what people are looking for, designing and building a customer first web experience, and knowing how to successfully rank in Google.

This is now a highly visible and profitable business.

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