Tree House Spa

Growing Spa in River Valley

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  • SEO
My starting interest was simply to have a website in case anybody searched for us, but Digitize explained the massive opportunity that existed from relevant search terms in Google for my business. They hugely over delivered on our website project and we are looking forward to gaining some new traction in the search results soon.

Owner, Tree House Spa



Tree House Spa is a traditional massage spa based on River Valley Road in Singapore. They offer a range of services including full body and foot massages at extremely competitive rates.

The owner was initially interested in getting a basic website live to satisfy circumstances where existing or prospective customers were directly searching for the brand. We always like to over deliver, so we also researched the massage service area in Singapore, finding that thousands of queries occur in this area every month and that a well-optimised website could target a much greater opportunity for the spa to further grow its business.


What we did


We designed and developed a brand new website for the company, registering their domain and setting up a basic hosting that would ensure performance, but keep the monthly costs low. We researched the search opportunity in Singapore and implemented the appropriate SEO inputs into the website. We took photographs of the key employees and the facility to enhance the visibility of the business online.

Finally, we created all of the content from scratch, including setting up a Chinese language version of the website with easy language toggle to enable us to target both English speaking and Chinese speaking clients.




We ended with a fully responsive website, that we feel is easily the best massage spa in Singapore. The website is brand new, which means we need some more time to reap the rewards from our SEO efforts, but we’ll come back to update the results section once they’ve inevitably arrived.