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BD Contractors

Office reinstatement and renovation contractor in Singapore

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Would like to express our gratitude to the Digitize team for helping us to bring to life our new website for a really affordable price. It was really hands-off from our side, we let the team know our services and they helped to come up with the design and create all the content for us. We are looking forward to enjoy the future success from the new website.
Hossain BD Contractors
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new website


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new lead generation


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BD Contractors is an experienced direct contractor in Singapore that specialises in office reinstatement and renovation work for both residential and commercial spaces. They have relied on word of mouth referrals and were looking for new means to generate additional lead generation and revenue for their business.

They chose to partner with us on producing a simple, effective and affordable website that would be optimised for SEO.

What we did

On a limited budget we designed and developed a website for BD Contractors that focused on outlining their core service offerings.

BD Contractors

In order to achieve this we sat down with the business owner to understand their primary focus areas and then reviewed how people were searching for these type of services in Google. Based on this information we were able to ensure that the content and website are well optimised for SEO from the start.

BD Contractors

We also helped the team with purchasing their domain name, setting up affordable hosting, and leveraging of CloudFlare for a free SSL and improved security. In addition to this we helped them set-up their company email address and make this accessible for them via their handphones.

The results

As a brand new website there is not much to track back against for results just yet, but we will update this once the site has achieved its goals.

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