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New Business

Built from the ground up

Working together we have effectively created a brand new technology-based product from scratch. We're looking forward to launching and disrupting a traditionally offline industry.

Ben Rush
Owner, FrameIT



FrameIT is a Singapore based company that offers custom made frames for posters, prints, and photographs. Whilst the company brings decades of experience in framing, it has long been a traditional, offline model. FrameIT was developed to provide the ability for customers to build and ship a custom made frame directly to their doorstep, cutting out the traditional outlet that handles design and takes orders.

Digitize worked on the ideation of the idea, whilst managing development through one of our partners.


What we did


We helped to develop the framing formula that brings together various material and labor costs to determine the pricing of the frames to consumers. This was a critical aspect in putting the whole business concept into a simple to understand formula and spreadsheet format that could be developed from.

We then developed the initial visual designs and worked with one of our development partners to project manage the first delivery of the product.




From an initial idea on paper, we have built the core product and launched the website in October 2019. From almost no marketing thus far, the business is already taking orders and generating positive sentiment from customers. We’ll be helping to scale up the business over the coming months.